CACH Token Sale

Our soft Launch.

We will be launching an SS IAO on ApeSwap and it will go live on January 15th, 2021.

Project Introduction:

Cache DEFI Project will create an environment to decentralize crowdfunding and venture capital. Cache Tokens (CACH) to be used in transactions, transparent reserve fund & provide liquidity mining options. Create stock bearing tokens for companies to enable them to raise funds privately, crowd fund or IPO’s. Tokens will be distributed over 81 years to provide stability, future earning potentials and enable the reserve fund to appreciate in value.

Introduction video: CACH Token

Sale Tokenomics:

Break down for the sale:

In 2022 only 1.67% of total tokens minted will be for sale 0.6% and an additional 0.234% will be held for liquidity mining. The remaining tokens will have an 80 year distribution from 2023 - 2103. For every 100 token sold 39 additional tokens will be allocated for liquidity mining.

Soft Launch Sale break down:

39% of what is raised will go to the reserve fund.

Once liquidity is released it will transfer to a reserve fund if removed after 365 days. Dev/other break down 9.5% will go to marketing and other expenses. 39% will go to the reserve fund. Reserve fund will be transparent and formal reporting will be created to ensure transparency to the token holders.

Tokens unsold will be burned.

Once the soft cap is met any remaining tokens not sold will be burned, and tokens set aside for liquidity mining will also be burned in the corresponding percentage. If the Cache DEFI Project team is unable to secure liquidity mining / yield farming or burning vaults on ApeSwap a rewards program will be put in place for token holders to benefit from those additional tokens.

Cache DEFI Project Tokenomics:

o CACH Token is a payment token.
o CACH Token will have a reserve fund.
o CACH Token will have options for staking and pools to support yield farming / liquidity mining.

o Growth of reserve fund to ensure appreciation
o Token holders can benefit from staking or joining
o Frictionless transactions
o Built on the Binance Platform
o Community of practice
o Governance and transparency. Reserve fund audited and transparent to holders. No debentures or lending meeting religious needs of potential holders.
o Market creation for stock bearing tokens

o Reserve fund will transfer with token ownership.
o Token has consumer protection built into the
token ecosystem.
o Token reserve fund transparency.
o Long term distribution for growth over 80 years and opportunities for liquidity mining and yield farming.

Stock Bearing Tokens
Development is completed for Stock Bearing Tokens.
Next steps for the project is to gain regulatory approval
and demonstrate use cases. Funding has been allocated
for these activities and will not require funding from the
token sales.

Community of Practice
As the token progresses the goal of the Cache Token
Project is to have a community of practice to take over
the day to day. How this will work or be implemented is
to be determined over the next two years.

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Cache DEFI Project

Cache DEFI Project

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